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It was time to step it up If you have read one of our reviews, you might have noticed the tables listing all the different versions of a particular tire. This table was populated by a huge database. However, the bike market is vast – and fast moving too, so it was difficult to keep[…]

Maxxis Ardent 4

Review Maxxis Ardent

The Maxxis Ardent is a popular all-mountain tire and I was curious to see if it’s just hype or if it can live up to the reputation. I took it to the test in Central California and pushed the tire to the limits.

Review – Schwalbe Magic Mary

Bitingtires.com Score: 4.8/5    in the All Mountain & Enduro & Downhill Category Schwalbe’s Magic Mary is unquestionably one of the most dominant Downhill and Enduro tires of the last years, with countless wins and titles. While professional riders are most often obligated to use the tires of their sponsors, amateurs and semi-pros preferably pick Schwalbe’s Magic Mary as their[…]